• I am a writer, comedian, director, producer, voice-over artist, a mover and a shaker. It’s nice to meet you, friend!

I am a writer and performer on Moonshot, a house sketch team at The Pack Theater! We currently perform the first Sunday of every month at 9 PM on the Pack Twitch channel.

I also perform improv with my all-lady team, Melissa?! at Westside Comedy Theater and The Pack Theater! We perform year-round, as well as at various improv festivals around the country. 

I teach improv workshops that focus on physicality, character and emotion. I’ve focused my studies on visual and physical theatre, and I’ve traveled to Italy and Bali to learn Commedia dell’Arte, acrobatics, clown, mask-making and puppetry.

I am the creator and director of the Rogue Theatre Squad, a group of volunteers that go to the Good Shepherd Shelter in LA. We teach improv and theatre as an after-school program for the kids that live in the shelter.

Also! I love kale, the potato (in all of its forms) and burritos.